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Super Strains crossed Enemy of the State with several other indicas and sativas that must remain top-secret. It's a strong but compact plant that lives up to high expectations. This auto-flowering strain displays a lot of growing characteristics of the feminized Enemy of the State, but will finish much earlier.

DFA Autoflowering is ready for harvest in just 8 weeks from planting the seeds, and will not exceed 60-80 cm in height. These compact dimensions are ideal to successfully hide this public enemy from prying eyes. What makes this strain great is the fact that the structure of the plant is rather open, allowing light to penetrate multiple parts of plant, including lower branches. This leads to bigger harvests and happy growers.

DFA Auto is small but mighty. It provides a heavy-hitting indica effect, definitely very respectable in terms of potency. The aromas can be described as a blend of sweetness, paired with a pronounced flavour of Skunk.

Hiding an Enemy of the State is not always the best idea. With DFA Auto it can be, for she is a plant that does not grow up to extreme heights, but stays small. The “stealth-factor” of a compact strain can’t be beaten and is potentially something of high value.

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